Consultation Package, NEW CLIENT


The goal of naturopathic medicine is to treat the whole person — that means mind, body, and spirit.  It also aims to heal the root causes of an illness — not just stop the symptoms.  This package includes four one-hour appointments where you will gain all the tools and knowledge needed to take control of your health.

Visit 1:  I will spend 1 hour interviewing you, getting to know all about your symptoms, lifestyle, and preferences.  Then I’ll spend 1 to 2 hours researching your case, customizing a plan, and ordering recommended products (YES, up to $100 of products are included!)

Visit 2:  We’ll meet to discuss your personal health plan. Naturopathic medicine focuses on education and prevention, and your plan may include diet, exercise, stress management, supplementation, herbal medicine, homeopathy, and more.

Visit 3:  After being on your plan for a few weeks, we’ll meet again to discuss how things are going.  We’ll discuss unforeseen or new observations and tweak the plan as needed.  We’ll identify potential roadblocks to your ability to stay on your plan and come up with coping strategies you can employ when needed.

Visit 4:  Once you’ve been on plan for at least a month, we’ll meet once more to look back on your journey and see how far you’ve come.  Together, we’ll look to the future and evaluate if you’re ready to take your roadmap and journey solo or if you’d like ongoing support from me.  Ongoing support could include anything from accountability check-ins via text or email, weekly or bi-weekly coaching sessions, or monthly or quarterly follow-ups.  Who knows…we may have just solved the symptoms at the top of your list and you’re ready to tackle the next!


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